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Who is Rosiah?

Shawn Rosiah Bernier is an 20-year-old Haitian American. Shawn's (Rosiah) greatest passion is being an advocate and entrepreneur. He recently used Youtube videos as his canvas to exercise his passions. He's been creating Youtube videos as early as 13 years old, but recently gained traction in 2018 when he started his new channel named after his middle name, Rosiah.


His journey of being transgender has opened his eyes and mind about the world. Acknowledging the lack of transgender representation for People Of Color, Shawn felt the moral obligation to be a trailblazer for those around his community. Youtube was his best outlet to record and actively share his experiences, advice, and opinions of life with his audience.


Shawn came out to his entire school in the seventh grade, began medically transitioning in the eighth grade, and had "Top Surgery" in Boston MA, in his junior year of High School. The more and more he documented his life, the more people related or grew interested. Gradually becoming known globally through his platforms. 

Now, he created a brand for himself to spread beauty with the world.

As someone who struggled with understanding the word "beautiful", He dared himself to redefine it and that helped his understanding of himself and his transition.

He dares everyone to challenge themselves in what they believe beauty to be and redefine it as an ever-evolving term rather than fixed. Beauty is beyond the stereotypical narrative, beyond the eurocentric narrative, beyond whatever we can conceive to be the preset idea of beauty to be. 

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